October 27, 2008


she stands and waits

her body curves

revealed by the moonlight

to speak fortissimo verbs


she grows weary

her fingers painted

distinct black and white

her patience berrated


at last one has come

to open her soul

silence becomes noise

with harmonic tones



allegro to andante

to allegro again

her heart beats faster

with each chord said


now, together they move

in unison as one

as beautiful as staccato

their harmony untouched


he tickles her

and so they dance

until moon becomes sun

a legato romance


she loves him

and he to her

crescendos everlasting

their song never ends


they are music.


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April 24, 2012

Test Test Test


alphabet love

February 13, 2009
d is enamoured with b.

but b comes before d

so it is…


they are mirror images.

of two perfect souls.

reflecting one another.

harmonious in their idle.

symmetric in their stance.





so why are you voting for obama?

November 5, 2008

The 2008 Presidential election has been causing quite a stir (in case you haven’t noticed), and unless you live under a rock – this event is attracting more attention than a ford bronco racing down the highway.  Although the star of this story isn’t this guy, it does however belong to another african lead, barack obama.  Now, the general consensus, amongst those most heavily influenced by the media (ie. young people) have already declared him as their saviour.  Don’t get me wrong, i do support his campaign, but i fear most people out there have committed to more trivial reasons as to why he should be “dubya’s” successor.

let’s start out with the obvious:

barack obama is black,  ergo, he has the potential to be the first black president in U.S. history.

although this does make a great story, realistically, it shouldn’t be why he has captured your vote.  it shouldn’t even be a reason, period.  what does race have to do with being a great candidate?  Does his skin colour make him a better candidate?  does it make him worse?  or really, should it mean nothing at all, because we’ve learned through great leaders such as martin luther king jr. that race shouldn’t affect how you see someone.  voting for obama because of race undermines the work of all those who fought so gallantly to eliminate judgment by colour.  rosa parks sat on a bus because she felt she deserved to be there, that her right was beyond the hue of her skin.  don’t cheapen obama’s running.  i know what some of you are thinking, and i’m aware this subject is touchy, but ask yourself this:  if both a white person and a black person were fighting for the same promotion at their company, and the white person won because he was white.  would you call that company racist?  i would.  so why then, when reversed, its considered not?  shouldn’t the best man for the job get the promotion, regardless of race, because when considering all facets of their attributes, he’s the better man for it?

if you are serious about voting, and you’re serious about voting right.  do your research.  avoid the media and the mob.  filter the noise, and find out what’s the best decision for you.

ask a young casual voter who they’re supporting, and there’s a good chance it’ll be obama.  fair enough.  now, ask that person to explain why without using vague adjectives and watch them struggle.  really?  you’re an avid supporter of obama.  okay, name one of his policies?  okay, now how does that differ from mccain’s?

here, try this:

if obama was white, and mccain was black – does your vote change?

if obama was republican, and mccain a democrat – do you switch sides?

ask yourself, what are you rooting for?  dig deep.  is it their charisma?  their policies?  their party?  their “cool” factor?  what, what is it?

take heed, for this is not an anti-obama rant, nor is it pro, rather, this is an anti-ignorance, and pro-knowledge message.  turn off SNL.  ignore youtube.  consider the power of your vote and make the best decision you can.  300 million people depend on it.  it’d be illogical to give someone the power of nuclear options over something as trivial as race.  if you support obama, it should be for all the right reasons.  you should believe in his integrity.  that means, he has your vote whether he is black, white, mexican, asian, male, female, disabled, short, over-weight or skinny.

let’s make the best decision we can.  we’ve come too far not to.


Facebook: the new small talk

October 28, 2008

i wrote this piece back in April of 2007, but i figure its just as relevant today.  of course, this applies to more than just facebook, but at the time, “fb” was the new shit….

I think the underlying success of facebook falls within its ability to link people together without the intrusiveness.  Its both personal – and informal.  Yes, its exciting to see all your old classmates, co-workers, and friends, but if you don’t talk to them, then what’s the point?  Today, in the World Wide Web, one-sentence-phrases are sufficient enough to acknowledge your acquaintance or brethren, because it sends the message that: “hey, i notice you” or “i just thought of you” or “i have a thought regarding this action”; whilst still keeping a respectable distance.  It’s actually okay if the other party responds with a comment less personal than yours, let alone not responding at all.  Just the mere site of a new message/post on your page can conjure enough excitement to last a fleeing moment.

Think of the last post you’ve received from someone you don’t normally speak to, and how long the conversation was.  Now, read the conversation out loud. 

How long did it last?

20 seconds?

60 seconds tops.

Now imagine running into this person on the street.  Have that same conversation again.  Doesn’t quite work does it?  Do you feel that?  Its called awkward silence.  After the standard fare (how are you/what do you do now/what are you doing here/are you still with _____), conversation becomes a challenge.  The advantage of the net, means that responses don’t have to be instantaneous, which is a necessity when face-to-face, otherwise you create that aforementioned sound (or there lack of).

Facebook allows situations, where conversations can be created “naturally” (i.e. not forced, at one’s own leisure) – simply by observing one’s status commentary, photo album, or the viewing of others’ post to their wall.  It removes that “blank slate” that occurs when you meet someone on the street, by providing an opinion or visual image to comment upon.

Now this isn’t necessarily the attributes of facebook itself, but moreover, the internet. Facebook might be “so hot right, now” <in the tone of will ferrell, zoolander>, because it doesn’t racially group and people actually use their real names.  We are all just a little bit more connected, even if its by just a handful of characters across a screen.  There will be another facebook, but as of right now, Facebook is the ultimate small talk.

“Brevity is the soul of wit”
-William Shakespeare


sorrow’s sweetness

October 27, 2008


sorrow’s sweetness
isn’t as bitter as joy unfound
misplaced in a heaven’s dream
burning upon the wake
a soul is lost.