what’s a nannerb?

pronunciation: <nahn-nErb>

nannerb: a collection of words, ideas, facts, opinions, pictures, and thoughts.  this collection does not pertain to any one particular subject and can vary from topics such as art, sports, poetry, song, food, rants, food, repetitiveness, and love.  a nannerb is a verb, noun, and adjective.  it may be used in a wide variety of contexts, although, it doesn’t like the idea of being used per se.  it is sensitive and perceptive to the world around it.  it is in constant motion, always looking for direction.  upon the prescence of a nannerb, one should remain honest and genuine, for its smile cannot bloom in the face of a decoy.  it is smarter than that.  or so it thinks…



One comment

  1. can’t wait to read some more!

    very well written… keep it up:)

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