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alphabet love

February 13, 2009
d is enamoured with b.

but b comes before d

so it is…


they are mirror images.

of two perfect souls.

reflecting one another.

harmonious in their idle.

symmetric in their stance.





sorrow’s sweetness

October 27, 2008


sorrow’s sweetness
isn’t as bitter as joy unfound
misplaced in a heaven’s dream
burning upon the wake
a soul is lost.



October 27, 2008


she stands and waits

her body curves

revealed by the moonlight

to speak fortissimo verbs


she grows weary

her fingers painted

distinct black and white

her patience berrated


at last one has come

to open her soul

silence becomes noise

with harmonic tones



allegro to andante

to allegro again

her heart beats faster

with each chord said


now, together they move

in unison as one

as beautiful as staccato

their harmony untouched


he tickles her

and so they dance

until moon becomes sun

a legato romance


she loves him

and he to her

crescendos everlasting

their song never ends


they are music.